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Friday, October 4, 2019

SHEIN 11th YEARS Anniversary & Utility Pants


I've been marinating on my resistance to cargo pants for quite some time now. I see the trend everywhere (yes, they're officially a trend again) and want to participate in it!  There are actually tons of incredible cargo pants to choose from. And if camouflage prints and oversize, mysteriously placed pockets frighten you, simpler utility styles might better suit you. If you need styling inspiration, I've pulled a few of my favorites. Additionally, I shopped out the pairs I'm loving right now so you too can immediately hop on the cargo pant train. SheIn has a huge selection and both of my cargo pants are from SheIn. It's SheIn 11th Anniversary, so let's celebrate SheIn's Birthday by using this code 11SH530  and receiving  15% off of the entire website! Valid from October 1st- November 15th.
Green Cargo Pants
Beige Utility Pants

Friday, September 27, 2019

My Skin Care Routine & My Favorite Skincare Products with Lase Results & Dr. Denese & Derma E

 Today I’m sharing my current AM/PM routines. I am a huge believer that consistency is key for good skin. Don’t miss a morning or a night! You will see the benefits from being dedicated to your routine. I don’t care how tired you are…do NOT go to bed without washing/exfoliating your face! Don’t put your makeup on without a freshly cleansed and moisturized face!
 I’ll switch up my serums and moisturizers quite a bit because I love to try new products, there are several cleansers I love but one I just discovered is Derma E Vitamin C cleansing water. Smells amazing and gives your face the freshest feeling after you use it. In the shower I clean and exfoliate with Lase Results hydrating cleanser. This exfoliating cleanser feels like a gel and it’s very gentle on your skin!
Okay so for the line up! First I have been using the ReFresh Vitamin C Serum! It is so amazing!! It makes my skin look so radiant and smooth. I like to apply this right after I cleanse my face in the morning. I feel like my skins just soaks up the good ingredients. This serum is made of vitamin B + Ferulic Acid, and you see results in just 10 days of using it. Then I like to apply Dr. Denese HydroShield Ultra Moisturizing Face Serum which I use sometime at night too. I love that it protects my skin from natural environmental stressors (like pollution, stress, and fatigue) that are unavoidable! Then I apply It’s What’s Inside That Counts Ultra-Hydrating Face and Eye treatment from Lace Results. I also use and like the Derma E probiotic face cream moisturizer.

At night, I use the LaseResults PM Intensive Focused Repair Lotion on a clean face follow with Calm & Retore Serum. It literally will visibly reduce your fine lines and wrinkles and makes your skin plump for younger looking expressions! This one is a must in the anti-aging process.
If my skin go through break down I use Dr. Denese Advanced  Firming Facial Pads with Actizone  firming factor. 
Favorite Sunscreens: I put sunscreen on every single morning underneath my foundation. It’s SO important. I also apply it to my neck too. SPF SPF SPF!!!
I use  Lase Results AM Repair & Protect SPF 30 sunscreen or tinted SPF 30 Dr. Denese Defense Day Cream, I love both and use both depending on the day.
 I use the Derma E wipes to remove my eye and lip makeup when I travel also keep them in my car for a quick clean up. 

I also use the magic Makeup Eraser cloth to clean and lightly exfoliate with a damp wash cloth working around my entire face until any trace of makeup is gone, look at your wash cloth and keep working until there is no longer makeup residue. This cloth is seriously the best magic cloth! I use it as my very first step when removing my makeup. Makeup Eraser is perfect for any day especially after a very long day or for traveling! I recommend this cloth to everyone! This cloth will remove your makeup just in a second.


Monday, September 16, 2019

Affordable Amazon Finds & Snake Print Boots


I love shopping on Amazon because I have Prime and you can find anything you need and have it delivered just in two days! I even buy our light bulbs or fake lashes because it's quicker than going to the store with children! This top is my favorite Amazon find! Comes in five colors, true to size! My bracelet is from Amazon too and my Porsamo Bleu Watch are available on Amazon also! I also own and love these gold Chantal watch. They are little pricey, but they're stainless steel with white topaz, dial is mother of pearl and water resistant to 165 ft. These watch would make the perfect Christmas gift.


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