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Thursday, March 26, 2020

A few tips on how to stay busy at home with your kids during Quarantine

Happy Thursday! I hope everyone is holding up and not letting fear get the best of you. I’ve tried to remain super hopeful and use this time to catch up on housework and spend the time with my family! 
I also want to say thank you so much to the ones who do their part protecting themselves, loved ones and others around us! It drives me absolutely crazy, while walking my dog, seeing a bunch of people socializing at the park playing basketball or tennis! 
We have been social distancing for a while now and Anayan is playing only with two siblings in our neighborhood. Their mom is working from home and doesn’t go anywhere just like us. Seeing other kids not taking it seriously and calling my son “Butthole” just because he asked them to leave is very sad! 
We all are in this together and need to support each other, so please be nice and more understanding of others opinions!
We all have to go to the grocery stores or doctor from time to time, but other close contact with people should be avoided!
Here is a few tips on how to stay busy at home with your kids while in quarantine!

We’re remodeling our bathroom and I’m doing resin on our cabinets, so I had the kids to help out with the resin art! You can collect a bunch of rocks and other treasures around the house and create art on a piece of wood or canvas or anything! It was fun and kept us busy for 3 hours. The bathroom It’s not done yet because I’m out of rubbing alcohol to finish it, but I’ll show you the entire thing once is all done!

I also purchased this kid pool online for $53 and the kids had fun in it for two days straight. I gave them slime to play with and they said it was the best time they have had after a very long time! You can purchase this Zimly Kids slime or jellie beads online and I promise you, the kids will play for hours! Zimply Kids can be safely used at the bathtub too!

Green slime HERE
Pink glitter slime HERE

Another idea is a bike ride around the neighborhood, sightseeing in the middle of nowhere, challenges at home with your family, working out together, cooking together...etc. anything helps!

Everyone stay safe and responsible please! Follow us on Instagram where we share everyday life on our stories @fabulous_torture My son has Instagram if you would like to follow along @anayanjueong Everything he post is approved by me:)❤️
Love you all! Thank you so much for your support!

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Amazon Snake Print Dress & Cowboy Boots

Outfit Details:
Hey gang!
Happy Sunday! I am keeping it short, sweet, and simple today, but I wanted to share the perfect little snake print dress! The fit is fab, the print  is fun, and it is comfortable to wear for whatever the occasion might be. Pair it with a coat for the Winter, throw on a cardigan or sweater for the Fall and Spring, or wear it by itself for the Summer or an indoor event (party or church)! I have linked it here, as well as below, along with the other outfit details. This dress comes in brown and plaid in many colors too!  I hope each of you are having a wonderful day and enjoying spring break even throughout this crazy virus time! Stay safe! Love to all ya’ll!!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Find the way you want to work out with STRONGER & 20% off code TORTURE20

Find the way you want to work out!
This tip may seem obvious, but there are many people who think of working out as a chore. It doesn’t have to be though! If you don’t like running miles on the treadmill, then don’t! If lifting weights isn’t for you, then don’t! There are sooooo many different ways to get in exercise and stay fit! You just have to find the way that works for you. Of course, this requires research and trial and error. A source that has been extremely helpful to me is YouTube and other social media. I have learned so many things about fitness and health this past year thanks to YouTube. Obviously you don’t have to trust and follow everything you learn from youtubers, but it is a great way to get inspiration and broaden your horizons about the fitness world. 
Set aside 30min each day for exercise. 
You don't have to block out long spans of time each day for exercise. Just 30 minutes of daily exercise is enough to help you lose weight and strengthen your muscles. Do this on your lunch hour, during an afternoon work break or as part of your morning routine or walk your dog a little longer and faster!
When you find a way to work out that you enjoy, you are more likely to stick to it!

If you miss a workout, it’s not the end of the world! If you give in to your cravings and indulge in 3 slices of pizza for dinner, it’s okay! Don’t ever starve yourself if you’re hungry or push yourself to do a workout if you know your body needs rest. As long as you’re doing your best to live a healthy lifestyle, making healthy choices when you can and getting in a workout when you can, that’s all that matters! Stay positive! And, of course cute workout outfit helps too! 

This entire workout outfit is from STRONGER. They have the cutest workout outfits! Yes, their stuff is little pricey, but it’s definitely worth the splurge! The fabric is thick, soft and cute! You can use this 20% off coupon code TORTURE20 for 48 hours, so hurry that way you don’t miss on this amazing opportunity! 

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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Two Ways & How to Style a Corduroy Skirt

 Outfit Details:
I feel like skirts are in this season. I own tons of pencil skirts, like I could probably wear a different one every day for a few weeks.  I really wanted to expand my skirt collection recently to include a few in the trending materials like suede, corduroy, and leather.
  I bought this green corduroy from @SheIn and I have a few more on my wish list.  

The button front detailing on this skirt provides a great decorative aspect, so it’s not just a basic a-line skirt.  The color is so perfect for spring or fall!!  I loved pairing this skirt with white balloon sleeves bodysuit or ruffles!

My main tip on how to style a corduroy skirt – play with other materials.  I love adding some unique pieces. I think corduroy mixes really well with leather, knits, and cotton/jersey materials.  Also, play with prints too.  Stripes are a neutral for me, but florals and plaid would work really well with corduroy too.

Are you upping your skirt game this season?  Which skirt material are you looking to add to your closet this season?

Use this discount code: SVD133 (Extra 15% off any purchase on SheIn website  valid from February 1st- March 31th)


Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration with SheIn

Outfit Details:
Dress/ Shoes (sold, linking similar here)/ Beret/ Bag/ Necklace
Valentine’s day is almost around the corner and we should look good and feel good on the 14th of February! Valentines is about spreading love, romantically speaking or not. Valentine’s Day has become an important tradition to show your love and appreciation to someone. And there’s nothing wrong with leveling up your style in this special occasion. Just keep in mind to always choose comfort over style, but you can also have both. Let this day be full of love, together with your loved ones— family, friends and relatives builds some more memories of love!
My dress is from SheIn and is very comfy. Use this discount code SVD133 for 15% off the entire website.

Scroll down to se my husband and my son dressed in SheIn! Don't be afraid to place the order from company like SheIn, you will love it!
My husband's blazer is available HERE and my son's entire suit is currently on SALE for only $31 (true to size) HERE!

Photography by Carole Levon! She is amazing and you can contact her for professional photography via Facebook (Carole Levon) or here: 850-512-5800

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