Fabulous Torture: Easter Weekend

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend

Hello my dear readers. I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter. Easter weekend was a busy weekend for us. 
I took my son Easter egg hunting at the Back Porch beach. It was our first egg hunt on the beach. It was fun! My hubby had to work, but my dear mother-in-law joined us. After the hunt, Anayan and I went to the Baytown Wharf Village where they had the entire afternoon set up with fun activities for children. We got there early, so Anayan had plenty of time to do it all without standing in 20min. lines for each one. They had a bouncy castle, inflatable slide, games, arts and crafts, and also a lady on stilts who made a variety of things from balloons. Anayan asked her to make him a fishing pole with a fish. I was kind of surprised, from all the things he could choose, he chose a fishing pole.
I was beat that day!!
Easter Sunday was a church day, but I'll have some picture from that day next time. 
What did you do for Easter weekend? 

Thank you all for stopping by!  

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