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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Jonas Paul Eyewear

Today,  I'm partnering up with Jonas Paul Eyewear on this post. 

Jonas Paul Eyewear offers kids glasses and kids sunglasses and employs neutral colors, square features, and minimal branding, exposing a long-awaited, sharper vision for children’s eyeglasses and children’s sunglasses.

Jonas Paul company launched in 2013, after the owner and designer's little boy was diagnosed with Peter's Anomaly. This unfortunate disorder requires his son to have numerous, frequent surgeries, take many medications and go through many treatments,  hoping his little boys vision will improve. 

The company is named after the little boy, Jonas Paul. His father, Ben Harrison and his wife,  Laura Harrison are the owners of this fabulous company. Ben decided to launch his company after his son diagnosis. He realized that there are kids who needs his help when it comes to cute, stylish frames!

When I found about Jonas Paul Eyewear I was amazed, and in tears filed with sadness,  but also with joy and love! His story is very touching! I attached his full story video down below for you guys to watch. I'm encouraging you to watch it!
After watching the video,  I knew Jonas Paul Eyewear is the only place I will get my glasses or sunglasses for my precious son. 
The frames I got for Anayan are called Tortoise in case you're interested. Anayan loves them and can't wait to wear them to school.  
Anayan's vision is a little bad in his right eye from when he was bit by a dog about two years ago,  and had a few stitches in his lower eyelid. His Dr. mentioned it would be easier for him to see the chalkboard with glasses.  I can't believe he'll be 5 years old this summer and going to start elementary school. Time seriously flies!

1. Order a free home try-on kit. There’s no risk, it is free shipping both ways!
2. Home try-on kit arrives and you have 7 days to find the right fit for your son or daughter in the comfort of your own home.
3. Ship back the home try-on kit with the pre-paid return label, and then return to http://jonaspauleyewear.com/ website to order the perfect pair of prescription eyeglasses for your little one starting at only $99!

The packaging is very cute in a white leather case with black Jonas Paul logo on the front. 

For each pair of Jonas Paul Eyewear frames purchased, they give support to CBM International to bring vision to a person in need through a pair of glasses or corrective surgery.

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