Fabulous Torture: Jord Wood Watches

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Jord Wood Watches

Hello everyone! We all know how much I love unique and original pieces. Jord wood watches are one of them! Jord is a premium designer of hand-crafted wooden watches for women and men. Unique, classy and stylish. When I first wore this cutie, I was impressed with how light it feels on my wrist. Their watches are self-winding automatic, so there is no need for batteries. All the working parts are visual through the face and back. The clasps are made of stainless steal.
When Jord offered me a collaboration, I immediately thought of my husband..., so I got him early Christmas present. My husband is absolutely in love with them!
These watches would be a great gift for a loved one this Christmas! When you head over to their website you will see their sizing chart, so you can easily measure your wrist and pick the one you like. Jord focuses on creating timepieces with sustainability and efficiency! With Jord wood watches you will feel light and noticed!

Thank you all for stopping by! Love you! XO

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