Fabulous Torture: 4 Tips To Stay Fit And Healthy

Friday, February 26, 2016

4 Tips To Stay Fit And Healthy

Today's post is all about staying fit and healthy. We all have busy lives and sometimes forget to take care of us. I use to be the one who always waited till the end of the day to work out, by then I was so tired that I never got to it. I kept saying..tomorrow is another day, but a week goes by, then months, and then even years and I still kept saying, I will workout tomorrow... excuses...!

Find the best time for you!

So for me the best time is to go right in the morning after I drop my son off at school. Working out in the morning recharges you for the entire day, it gives you energy and makes you feel happier because you accomplished something (TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF)!!!

Find a workout buddy!

I've never been motivated enough to go to the gym, run or do yoga, so I started working out together with my best friend. There was a time when I got back from school and wanted to go back to bed or I had a slight headache, I didn't want to go. Now, my best friend always comes to pick me up and that helps me to go. 

You work out together and are spending quality time together, which is always nice!

Eat healthy!

If you guys follow me on Snapchat (FABULOUSTORTURE) then you know I love to eat healthy. Every morning I make myself a healthy breakfast and a greens smoothie. The day can get a little hectic and we forget to take care of ourselves while taking care of our family, working or whatever may be keeping us always busy. I just found out for me, if I eat all my fruits and vegetables right in the morning, I don't have to be worried if I got in my daily value for the rest of the day, and focus on the ones I love instead of myself!

Simply get comfortable in some easy yoga pose and focus on the breath for 5-10 minutes.

 "If you take better care of yourself and of your body it will make you a happier and better person!"

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