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Monday, November 28, 2016

Emjoi - eRASE e60 Epilator

Since the holiday season is here and most of us is shopping for Christmas I wanted to share with you my favorite personal care product I can't live without and would be a nice gift or stocking stuffer for someone!
The Emjoi eRASE e60 epilator. eRASE quickly and effectively removes unwanted hair from the body and face with minimum discomfort! This epilator is amazing, removes hair from the root (as short as0.3mm) leaving the skin smooth for up to 6 weeks! Great for removing hair from the legs, bikini line, underarms, etc.! All you have to do is to glide eRASE up and down or in a circular motion over the hair for smooth, hair free skin in seconds!
Comes with two changeable epilator heads. One of the heads is gentle enough to remove facial hair on the upper lip and chin.

eRASE is small and easy to pack with you when traveling. The market price is $79.95, but is worth it and much better to have than a cheap razer which you have to keep buying over and over again and shave every second or third day.

 Emjoi eRASE e60

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Celeste said...

I really like my Karmin

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