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Monday, November 7, 2016

Lunch With PlanetBox

I'm super excited to share with you my son's new lunchbox from PlanetBox.
As a mom I try to do everything in my power to teach my son the importance of eating healthy. I want him to make healthy choices and encourage him to eat his lunches at school. 
Some days Anayan eats at school and other days I pack his lunch. Before I got PlanetBox I couldn't get him to eat all his lunch because it was in multiple containers and he would only open up one and eat some of his lunch from the one container. I did my research and wanted to find something with multiple  compartments in one place and a lunchbox that would keep the warm food warm and cold food cold while at school. PlanetBox is exactly I was looking for!! When Anayan opened up his box for the first time he was so excited! 
He likes to plan his lunch in his head the night before and helps me to pack it in the morning. Each of their boxes come with magnets of your choose with many cool designs and even white magnets to draw your own. Anayan wanted dogs and sea life and he changes it up as he feels.
PlanetBox has different sizes of lunchboxes, bottles and bags. I went with the black bag simply because this lunchbox will last him for many years and black is very versatile. 
As a mom I feel like I've succeeded! When Anayan opens his lunchbox he sees the colorful presentation and different choices of food and he is excited to eat it all and most of the time brings an empty box back home.
PlanetBox is a little pricey and with all the accessories (bottle, bag, etc.) it can get a little crazy, but it's worth it!

Get your lunchbox HERE ---> http://www.planetbox.com

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