Fabulous Torture: Westgate Resort

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Westgate Resort

Hello everyone! We just returned from Disney World! We took Anayan there for Spring break. We had so much fun! We have been to Disney and on a Disney cruise before, and every time we go, we travel with our timeshare at Westgate Resorts in Orlando. 
We've been owners since 2006 and travel with them a lot! When you're a timeshare owner you can trade your weeks (we have weeks, other timeshares have points) for another week all over the world. If we trade outside the USA we have to pay a small fee for a week at a nice accommodation or we can even split a week into two weeks of two smaller units. Our timeshare includes up to 70% discounts on car rentals, cruises and flights for us and/or family members. It also includes discounts on a lot of activities like Disney tickets...etc. You guys, and also my close friends ask me all the time how can we travel so much? How Am I able to stay in Europe the entire summer each year... I want to share a link for any travel you may have in mind in USA. Check out this link http://wstgt.com/33603637100 you will be able to pic a family vacation or just a short getaway with your loved one. Here are all the places you can go to with a special offer discount if you book your vacation HERE with Westgate just like we do. Enjoy!
Places to go: Gatlinburg, Branson, Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, Orlando, Miami, Park City, River Ranch, Williamsburg.

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