Fabulous Torture: Missing Dog & Disney World Family Travel Diaries, Orlando, Florida

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Missing Dog & Disney World Family Travel Diaries, Orlando, Florida

Hey guys! Below is our Disney World travel diary video, but I wanted to start this post about our Shi-tzu dog Percey. He went missing Friday around noon around the Beach Dr. area in Destin, Florida. He is so cute, old and blind. He has been part of our family for 12 years. We always let him out in our front yard, and he always comes right back. He always stays on our street and never goes pass that. We love him sooo much! He's Anayan's buddy and Anayan misses him so much!! He snores in his sleep and last night without him was kind of hard. This morning Anayan woke up and said he doesn't hear his nails clicking when he walks in the halls. .
Please help to find our dog. If you're from Destin, Florida area please contact me at 8503768223 (leave a message and I will call you back).
Thank you for all the sweet comments on social media, supporting emails and messages!!! Thanks to all of you who shared my post or helped in any other way!! Special thanks to Marah Campbell Martin.

Watch our fun week at Disney below. We stayed at Westgate Resort for special deal including the Disney tickets. Here is a special link and discount code for all my dear readers.
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