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Monday, June 12, 2017

Makeup Update

I figured I would do an updated face makeup post since it’s been a while. These are the products I pretty much use 75% of the time. The other 25% I don’t wear makeup at all! I use more then this if I do YouTube video or go out…meeting…, but these 7 products/tools I use the most and swear by! 

The brush is technically for bronzer but I use it for foundation and honestly it spreads it PERFECTLY.. I can now use 1/3 of the amount I was before and I am not exaggerating! This concealer is the first concealer I actually LOVE. and I also use this one! It doesn’t crease below your eyes and just looks dewy.

I started using Double Wear Foundation after watching YouTuber how to cover melasma (dark sun spots) and I love it. It is full coverage but I seriously use less than a dime size amount especially with the beauty blender it just spreads so easily, cover dark spots and it lasts all day which I love most. I use the shade CASHEW.

1. EsteĆ© Lauder camouflage makeup 3W1 - I mix Double Wear Foundation with this one to cover dark spots!
2. For lipstick I use this one from Julep Blossom Pink Creme.

3. BareMinerals barePRO Powder – I love it as a foundation — especially the natural look it gives — BUT I have been using it as a powder the last year or so and lovvvve it. I just take a bit powder brush (I use this one) and dust a little on after I put on my foundation and it holds it in place ALL DAY!!! I use the color TEAK 22.

4. Great Lash Mascara From Maybelline – still my fav. Has been since I started wearing mascara at age 16….. I can’t remember. But basically for a long time! My sisters, and I swear this is the best one! I also use and love this one from Julep and Estee Lauder.

5BeautyBlender – I am always using these up so quick! They are expensive for a little thing of foam but I love them!

6. ItCosmetics Vitality Bronzer Disc - I use this to highlight and countour.

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