Fabulous Torture: The Life Of a Blogger & NYFW Recap

Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Life Of a Blogger & NYFW Recap

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Today I'm going to take you back to New York and talk little bit about the life of a blogger, the place I stayed and highlights of my trip! 
Since this was my second time in New York as a blogger, I kind of knew what to expect and try not to over book myself this time. As a blogger you can easily have a full schedule with shows, parties, photo shoots, meeting with brands..etc! Most of the time you will spend your day in Uber going from one place to another and kind of forget to eat! I even got sick the second day from not eating enough and being on the go! Let me tell you, being a blogger/influencer may seem like it’s all fun, pretty clothes, and lots of free time on the books, but that’s not even the half of it! There’s an element of always having to be “on” – I don’t ever have the luxury of clocking out at 4pm. As a mom, when I'm done "mommy-ing" and my boy goes to sleep, I'm still on most of the times pass midnight.
To some people what I create appears “glamorous” that we "bloggers" must not be working hard.  I’m doing what I love, but I definitely think that some people don’t give this job the credit it deserve!
So, going back to NYC. I made sure on my last night in NYC I took a nice evening stroll, with my roomie, around Central Park! Gosh I love that place sooo much! After a nice walk, we went for a nice dinner. 

My roomie and I stayed at the Hilton New York One UN Plaza, a landmark hotel across from the United Nations Headquarters and just blocks from the Empire State Building, Times Square, Rockefeller Center and other Manhattan icons with a sweeping view over the Brooklyn bridge. The pictures below is the view from our hotel. This hotel is a little pricey, but beautiful! The rooms in any hotel in NYC are small, so don't be surprised if you think you will have a palace because that's not the case in New York!

The highlight was seeing and meeting celebrities! The biggest celebrity this time was Cindy Crawford. You guys, she's gorgeous and doesn't age at all! I don't know how she does it because her skincare line didn't work for me at all! She has no wrinkles, sun spots, ..,just perfect skin. She's taller then my best friend and believe me when I say my best friend is as tall as a giraffe:)
Who knows Cortney Kerr? She was standing right across from me during Olivia Palermo's -Banana Republic presentation. Cortney has her own tv show in Dallas and was on BRAVO - Cortney Loves Dallas for one or two seasons. I love her! 
I also saw Stephanie Hollman from The Real Housewives of Dallas. She's even more gorgeous then on tv! She looks younger! 
And of course I mentioned Olivia Palermo in my previous post.

I hope you enjoy my post today. I still have one more day to share with you all next time!

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog!

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