Fabulous Torture: What To Pack For A Ski Trip & Packing Checklist

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

What To Pack For A Ski Trip & Packing Checklist

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I've been skiing since I was a little girl, my parents took me for my first time skiing when I was 3 years old. Since then, skiing became my favorite sport! 
I've made plenty of packing mistakes a long the way. I thought it was about time to put a post together that answers a very important question: What should I pack for a ski holiday?

Here’s my perfect ski packing list: 

A suitcase

I have recently got a brand new suitcase from NICOLE LEE which accommodates for trips where I need to take more / bulkier items with me. This was perfect for skiing as the jackets / boots / layers can take up a lot of room.

(Super good quality, many zippers, compartments and it’s currently on sale (click the picture to shop)!)

Portable Charger/Bag
Access to charging points when travelling is limited. If you’re listening to music or playing on your phone, shooting with your GoPro or using any USB device then chances are you’ll need to give it a boost. 
I'm using the GHOSTEK bag every time I travel and honestly, I COULDN'T LIVE without it!!! This bag is water-resistant. Last charged for 12 hours if in use. You can connect 4 different electronic devises to it at the same time! 
Built-In 16,000mAh Battery
◙ Intelligent Power LED Indicator◙ 1-External USB Port | 2-Internal USB Ports
GHOSTEK is little pricey, but total essential for me!

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Day backpack ( I love and use Lily Jade)

(pop your extra layers, sunglasses, bottle of water, camera accessories, go pro & Nikon Camera, portable charger, headache meds.,gums, chapstick ..etc. in)
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Your gloves are super important too, because if you’re like me, your hands and toes are the first parts of you to get cold almost immediately. I was pretty stoked to find a pair for only $16, (my husbands gloves here) and can report that they served me well during my ski trip. 

Waterproof and snow-proof ski pants

Sweaters – Sweaters, sweaters, and more sweaters. Sweaters are the key to staying warm! Vintage-looking sweaters with ski motifs are essential ski must-haves. You can find a lot of cute sweaters at Dresshead.com Sweaters are right here.

Waterproof and snow-proof ski jacket (MUST HAVE)-These two are very popular, practical and reasonable.
(Faux) Fur – There’s nothing more luxe than a little bit of fur. Definitely pack your favorite faux vest, coat, stole, or hat! It’s a fashionable and functional add-on to just about any outfit.

Pants – When it comes to pants, one pair of white jeans and regular, stretchy leggings jeans, fleece-lined leggings, and even a pair of leather leggings are usually in my suitcase. Leave the distressed jeans at home!
 – On the beauty and skincare front, be sure to pack your SPF day cream. I use Dr. Denese cream with SPF 30 (all of the white snow is ultra reflective!), heavier moisturizers, and hand cream. 

Sunglasses/ Goggles— Don’t forget your sunglasses! With all of the white surrounding you, and maybe even some blowing snow, you’ll be a whole lot more comfortable with your eyes protected! And, I mean, sunglasses always look chic.

Here’s the full ski packing list: 

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After all that, I hope you have a wonderful ski trip. I wish you all the safety and enjoyment you could possibly get out of your trip.

Have you been Skiing?Where have you been? I’d love to know! 🙂

Thank YOU guys for reading <3

Love as always + happy adventuring,

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