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Monday, February 26, 2018

Avya Skincare

A lot of you have asked how I got rid of my dark spots and other skin discoloration truth be told they come and go. Sometimes I am feeling REALLY good about my skin and think they are gone and then other days they come back full force. (Very bad in the summer) It really helps if I keep a good and consistent skin care regimen. And SPF like CRAZZZZY! So today I am sharing one of the product I have been using consistently to help the pigmentation, keep my dark spots away, and improve skin discoloration. 

I have been really good about using my brightening serums over the years and I can really tell when I forget to put it on for a week. I have tried a few but have really really loved Avya serum. Price: $165
This amazing serum blends peony, turmeric, and neem extracts along with pure encapsulated Vitamin C to boost radiance, restore even complexion and protect your beautiful skin, no matter your skin tone. For a radiant glow you'll love, use twice daily. I have been applying it every night for a few months now and have noticed really dramatic differences.  I also love how juicy and light with fruity smell this serum is!
What I like about this one in particular is that helps to hydrate and soften my skin and also helps to prevent any future damage like fine lines and wrinkles. 
NOTE: My face wasn't taking Avya serum great for the first seven days. I was about to quit!! My face was sooo red and more pimply, but sometimes you have to be patient and go through  tough times to be beautifulšŸ˜€ DON'T GIVE UP!

Regardless of your skin tone, this breakthrough formula combines exclusive blend of peony, turmeric and neem extracts with potent topical caffeine and Cassava Matrix Technology for instant lift, brightness, and reduction of fine lines in addition to the long-term reduction of puffiness and dark circles.

When it comes to skincare, the two words I pretty much live by is maintenance and prevention. It’s easier to take preemptive measures than deal with a problem once it occurs, don’t you think? I wish I started using SPF products earlier, I wish I ate a little healthier and drank more water, I wish I remembered to take my make up off every night (I still struggle with this one), if I did, I would’ve had to deal with sun spots on the side of my cheeks and forehead.
The best you can do is learn your lessons and try and do better in the future!
I think its important to feel comfortable without any make up but also to feel pretty and confident with make up. These two products from Avyaskincare are my new favorites!

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