Fabulous Torture: U|R Powered Touchscreen Gloves

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

U|R Powered Touchscreen Gloves

We live in a technological developed world. As a blogger, I'm constantly on the phone answering emails, messages and working on blog posts from wherever I can. I'm lucky to live in Florida, but even in Florida we have cold weather and blogging can become quite difficult with freezing fingers. It’s time to enjoy the benefits of U|R Powered’s touchscreen glovesU|R Powered gloves are patented and include a capacitive touchscreen technology which allows full five-finger access to mobile devices without ever taking your gloves off.
U|R also offers an amazing audio head-wear with build-in speakers. Sign in with your email to get 10%off on your first order and 25% off all online purchases through Dec.5.

Touchscreen Gloves- I ordered small in size.

Shop the one I'm wearing-->Touchscreen Gloves

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