Fabulous Torture: Comtesse Sofia-Afternoon on Carmine Street

Monday, December 16, 2013

Comtesse Sofia-Afternoon on Carmine Street

Happy Monday everyone! Recently I was contacted by a fabulous french brand company, Comtesse Sofia, for a photo shoot in the heart of Paris.
Comtesse Sofia Paris is a brand that is specialized in beautiful scarfs in many colors and beautiful flower prints. The designer Alexandra Rousselot took inspiration from original 19th century models to choose and create the Comtesse Sofia scarves and shawls, in memory of her Russian grandmother. At the time, scarfs were worn by the most influential people in society, like the royal family, and were given as a traditional gift for special occasions, like weddings.
Every Comtesse Sofia scarf has been produced with Russian wool, in an over 200-year-old factory. The wool used for the scarves is recognized for its thermoregulating and lightweight qualities with silk fringes made by hand. The Comtesse Sofia scarves are tied to pleasant moments in the life of the Comtesse.
Afternoon on Carmine Street is the signature red scarf in the pictures bellow as well as the brooches.
For me a scarf is an accent capable to waken any outfit. You can wear these scarfs as a regular winter scarf wrapped around the neck, in the hair, or as a belt.
Check out there website https://www.comtesse-sofia.com/en and the pictures bellow, and be judge for yourself!

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