Fabulous Torture: Lashem Mascara Review

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lashem Mascara Review

Hello everyone!  Today's post is going to be review on LASHEM mascara I received from lashem.
This mascara is, I hate to say that,  but just OK! I love the packaging and the two in one idea (primer and color)! I would not say that my lashes got longer after applying this mascara, but they did get fuller!  If you're someone feeling like you don't have a lot of lashes,  this mascara will definitely change that,  and give you the impression of fuller, thicker lashes.

Here is what they say about this product!

About the Product
The Extensions in a Bottle Mascara is the perfect
way to get long lashes in just two steps. The bonding
fibers and primer in these brush-on extensions attach to your
lashes to create a fuller, more dramatic look. No false lashes
are needed with this mascara! This volumizing
mascara formula contains lash enhancing serum, which
will result in healthier, stronger lashes through continued use.
This amazing mascara is paraben free, smudge proof,
clump free, prostaglandin free, cruelty free, hypoallergenic, and
made in the USA
Lashem Extensions in a Bottle Mascara, retailed at $30:
Lashem is available in countries all around the world at retailers
including stores like Nordstrom.com, Walgreens.com, Beauty.com,
and Pharmasave in Canada, and other beauty supply stores around
the world, as well as on www.lashem.com.

* Thanks to LASHEM and Brandbacker for making my lashes fuller & partnering
on this post! 

 Thank you all for stopping by and reading my blog! 

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