Fabulous Torture: Green Tea Extract & HCF Vitamins

Monday, March 2, 2015

Green Tea Extract & HCF Vitamins

 Today's post is far from fashion. I want to tell you a little about a Green Tea supplement, and HCF (happy, calm, focused) I have been taking the last few weeks. I've always been a green tea lover, so when I received it I was thrilled. Below is little about each of these products, but I really want to tell you about HCF. 
The first day I took HCF as prescribed, 3 capsules in the morning 30min. before eating. I have to tell you that I felt like I took an antidepressant. I was very fatigued, lightheaded and drowsy. I felt like this is not for me. I went a couple days without it and then decided to try it again.This time I took 2 capsules instead of 3 and throughout the day I started noticing a nice calmness. After a few days, of taking two capsules at a time I felt calm, relaxed, quiet and focused without being stressed. 
I'm a very hyper person and sometimes want to talk before my husband even finishes his sentence, but this time I didn't have the urge to do so. HCF is exactly what it says HAPPY, CALM, FOCUSED. This vitamin is all natural and unbelievable. I would recommend it to anyone who has any kind of mild anxiety issues and wants to try something natural, and stay away from medicine. On the other hand, I'm a big believer of fruit and vegetable, but if you do believe in vitamins this is one you can ad to the list!

A specialized caffeine-free blend of Green Tea Extract and Vitamin C that fortifies the immune system and provides a variety of invaluable health benefits. 

Green Tea Extract is plant-based supplement that has been shown to assist with weight loss and cholesterol reduction, as well as potentially lessening the risk of heart disease, diabetes and brain diseases. Adding Vitamin C with the powerful polyphenols of Green Tea can help increase antioxidant protection against free radicals to promote a stronger immune system and healthier well-being.

+ Increases Fat Burning
+ Improves Physical Performance
+ Packed with Antioxidants
+ All Natural
+ Helps Lower Cholesterol

More about this tea: https://www.facebook.com/ZenwiseLabs

Zenwise Labs is an online distributor of supplements designed to improve your everyday life. Our Goal is to dramatically enhance the health of our customers through high quality products and excellent customer care. All of our products are All Natural, Made in the USA, and GMP certified, so you know that you’re getting the strength, composition, quality, and purity displayed on the label.

Green Tea Extract - Decaffeinated & Vegetarian Pills for Weight Loss - A Pure & Powerful All-Natural Fat Burner Supplement - 725 mg Caffeine-Free Diet Capsules - Packed With Green Tea, Vitamin C & Antioxidants - Lowers Cholesterol, Boosts Health & Strengthens Immune System

HCF Happy Calm Focused is a brain supplement, that can be categorized as a blend of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Below you can find all the nutrients that can be found in HCF.
This supplement do not contain any chemicals, calories, coatings, preservatives, sweeteners, fragrance, enhancers, starch, yeast, gluten, dairy or wheat, so it can be safely used by most of the people.

HCF Happy Calm Focused Brain Supplement - Memory, Focus, Mood, Concentration

*Vitamins were given to me for trial, but opinions are my own!

Thank you all for stopping by! 

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