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Monday, March 30, 2015

Insta Lately

Over the last few weeks I went to the beach, did a little shopping, went to eat delicious breakfast at the Pancakery in Destin, took my son Easter egg hunting and braided my hair. 
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 Destin beaches are truly the most beautiful I've ever seen. I'm soooo lucky to live here. When I make a trip to the beach I'm the happiest. The ocean sound makes me feel happy and relaxed! My favorite beach is the Aly's Beach, Whale's Tail beach, any beach around 331, but I also spent a lot of time by BackPorch just because it’s only 5min. from my house.
A girl can never have enough shoes. I was looking for neon yellow pumps for some time. I finally have a pair. 
I got this Vince Camuto bag on sale. This beautiful bag is still available in blue here and red here.
Shop the shoes and bags in the widget below.
I finally got my business cards.Woohooo! I'm not that happy with them, but I'll take them for now.
(my son and my best friend's little girl)
Easter egg hunt last weekend at my son's daycare. He even brought a carrot for the bunny. I thought it was so cute. He was like "mommy, bunny needs a carrot that way he's not hungry." The poor bunny couldn't even see it when Anayan was handing it to him.
 Love to braid my hair when I have a few extra minutes.

Delicious, sweet crepes at the Pancakery in Destin. Love their breakfast!

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