Fabulous Torture: Off To Greece

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Off To Greece

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great week. We were supposed to be leaving to Italy last weekend, but due to cold weather we postponed it for this weekend. It's still cold in Italy, so we changed our mind, and as you're reading this post we're off to GREECE. I'm so excited! As much as I've traveled Europe, I've never been to Greece. Greece was always in my list and for the first time I get to go with my son and mother.
It's been two weeks since we left Florida (home) and traveled to Europe, and I find myself wishing my hubby could be here too. Time here is fun, but sometimes, I feel like Anayan needs his dad and can be to hard to handle.

We do exciting stuff here all the time. Today, we took a train to another town, and a bus on the way back. Anayan is all about riding the train, bus and plane, and has almost forgot about his favorite garbage truck toy. We went to the local pool with an inside and outside water slide, after that we stopped at a fun playground with a zip-line and Anayan had sooo much fun on it!

You all have a great weekend! Follow me on Instagram for more pictures from Greece.


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