Fabulous Torture: Greece - Karpathos Island

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Greece - Karpathos Island

As most of you probably know Anayan and I are in Greece on vacation. We're on Karpathos Island and absolutely love it here! When we first got here my impression was ohhh sooo beautiful, quiet and peaceful with colorful, small buildings, beautiful Karpathian Sea and nice people who take there time easily. 
As we started exploring Karpathos, about a 20min walk from our hotel we found a sweet little town with a bunch of cute stores and restaurants. This little shopping place reminds me of Italy soo much, but is, in my opinion, even nicer.
Anayan loves it here!  All we do is play in the Sea, by the pool, eat and at night walk and explore the island.
I have to say that living in the US I got spoiled by car. Over here walking for hours, up hill and on the beach is refreshing, but makes my body ache.
This vacation place is my favorite ever! We flew from the Czech Republic and bought this trip on Friday,  flying off the same day. I'm only telling you this because I've traveled like this (last minute) for years, and this is the best way to travel in Europe if you want to get a great vacation for a great price.

P.S: I know I'm lacking on posting on my blog,  but I really want to enjoy my time here. I'm really active on Instagram @fabuloustorture if you want to see more pics from my vacation and trip in Europe.

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