Fabulous Torture: The Czech Republic

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Czech Republic

Hello everyone!  Today, I'm writing  from the Czech Republic, on vacation, visiting my family.  Anayan and I got here last Wednesday. I was very worried to take an 18 hour flight with a 4 year old, as I had an no idea how he's going to take such a long flight with a 7 hour time difference. I was worried for nothing!  He was sooo good, didn't cried or throw a fit once! I kept him pretty occupied with the tablet, but he was mainly excited about the airplane and asked questions (how does it land and take off, why the plane makes a loud noise, why it feels like the plane is tilted . ..) about 70% off the flight. He flew two times before, to Hawaii and CR, but was to little to remember. This time he made sure he knew every detail of it. 
The only hard part about an 18 hour flight was that the flight was an overnight flight. Anayan took a two hour nap and I didn't sleep at all! You can only imagine how exhausted I was when we arrived. The excitement to see his cousins kept him going for another entire day without a nap. Luckily, it only took him two days to get back on schedule here.
Below are some pictures from a small town here called Tabor. As you can see the weather is not great. Most of the time it's sunny with a cold breeze, and being spoiled by Florida, I have to wear a worm sweater.
I'm going to stay in the Czech Republic for four more weeks, but on Saturday, my mom, Anayan and I will be off to Italy.
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Outfit details:
Loafers: similar here/ Pants: GUESS/ Top: THERE DOTS via SHOPBOP/ Bag: STEVE MADDEN old, also like this one/ Sweater: ZARA
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