Fabulous Torture: Rainy Weather

Friday, May 22, 2015

Rainy Weather

Hello everyone and happy weekend. I'm suppose to be off to Italy, but unfortunatelly the weather here is very bad, 16 degrees Celsius and rainy, so we delayed our trip till next weekend. 
Anayan is having so much fun and keeps saying that he wants to move here. We do fun activities every day. He is fascinated with the big city electric transit like the subway, troley, accordion bus and train. I took him to ride all of them and he was soooo excited. He also likes escalators and rode them for about 1/2 hour in one of the European malls.
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Outfit details:
Boots: store in The Czech Republic, also like this one/ Denim: JOE´S/ Rain Jacket: similar here/ Bag: similar here

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