Fabulous Torture: Gift Guide For Kids and Him

Monday, December 7, 2015

Gift Guide For Kids and Him

With Christmas right around the corner, I feel like I can't slow down! We're finally done decorating our house, the tree is up and gift shopping is done! Below are some of the gifts I bought for my son and my husband. My son has a long list, so I just picked a few of his favorites. Anayan is obsessed with power wheels and every year Santa brings him one. The kid has a full garage of them and still doesn't have enough. This year he asked for the firetruck. He is also obsessed with playing school, so he asked for a magnetic dry erase board, magnets....and projectorThis projector comes in different colors and is only $69.99. My husband and I tried it, and for a kid who wants to play with it on their own, it's an amazing piece.

What are some of the gifts your kids and significant other have asked for?

Gift Guide For Kids And Him

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