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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

IrresistibleMe Hair Extensions

I am so excited to finally do this post! I have always wanted to try hair extensions. If you ask, Why? Simply because I have always wanted more volume, even though I have naturally long hair. My hair is about the same length as these IrresistibleMe extensions, but I was always unhappy with having a little less hair on one side than the other, and how my hair is always blah with the humid weather in Florida. I'll curl my hair and couple hours later my hair is straight again.
Good hair extensions can be a little pricey, so I was always hesitant getting them, but when IrresistibleMe contacted me and asked if I'd try them out, I was immediately obsessed!! I ordered Royal Remy Hair, Royal Platinum Blonde (#613), 24"- 200g in platinum color clip in. It comes in 9 wefts. The quality of IrresistibleMe hair is amazing and the color is just like my natural color, so that's a huge plus. Not to mention it took only 4 days for me to received them after I placed the order.
My main reason for getting them was to ad volume to my hair, keep them wavy looking at all times, and I love to be able to braid my hair and style it a ton of different ways. I've always wanted to make a braided hair tutorials, and some of these styles in my mind are to difficult to make without hair extensions. With clip-ins you can ad and move them around however you want. (Change is always good!)
Below is a before and after photo of the hair extensions. Not a big difference in length, but I definitely gained a lot of thickness which is great for braiding. Braiding shrinks your hair, so longer and thicker, in my opinion, better.
If you are like myself and debating if should you get them, I would say go ahead! You won't regret investing into IrresistibleMe hair extensions! If you get them, please let me know how satisfied you are and tag me @#fabuloustorture on Twitter and Instagram and I'll re-post or feature your pics!

P.S. I'm still in the process of learning how to take care of them, but I'll keep you updated!

Thank you all for stopping by! Love you! XO

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