Fabulous Torture: Goals for 2016 - The Benefits Of Yoga

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Goals for 2016 - The Benefits Of Yoga

It's the beginning of a new year and new goals are set. For me, it is always to be healthy and happy! I started to go back to yoga last year and definitely want to continue doing that on regular basis. Yoga is a great way to stay in balance.
If you're from Destin, SunshineYoga.com is the one I go to. Kim is the owner and beyond an amazing person and instructor. Her other instructors are also very good.
I've also sign up with
Workoutanytime to start getting in shape for summer and well-being.
I'm a huge believer that workout is a stress reliever, and with a healthy body comes a clear mind, happiness and a better person/parent.
Cheers to all your goals you may want wish achieve!

Here is just a few yoga poses I love.

Plank Pose 
-is a yoga pose that builds arm and abdominal strength.

Half Moon

In this pose, you balance on the right leg and right hand with the the left leg lifted parallel to the floor and the left arm extended straight up. In order to age gracefully, we must challenge our balance regularly. When in a balancing pose like this, the brain lights up like fireworks. It good for the brain, the mind and the nervous system. 

Fisher Pose

Bend the left knee while crossing the right foot over top, with the knee sticking straight up. With the right hand on the floor behind for support, bend the left elbow and place it on the outer right thigh to engage into a deep, thorough twist. Repeat on the other side and make sure that you twist from maximum spinal length. This pose is good for improving digestion by wringing out the digestive organs and system and is a simple twist that can help alleviate back pain by bringing awareness to the low back and helping to unwind muscles of the low back region. 

Crow pose strengthens the arms, wrists and abdominal muscles.

Warrior II
Warrior II strengthens the legs, opens the hips and chest . Warrior II develops concentration and balance.This pose improves circulation and respiration and energizes the entire body.

Peaceful Warrior
Make sure your arms are in a straight line. Twist your front hand so your palm is facing up. Keep your shoulders back and down. Keep your back knee loose but straight – in other words, you don’t want it to be locked. 
Inhale as you bring your front arm up and back. You are extending your torso and arm as you lean back. Don’t bend too far, this pose is more about extending up and over than about bending. At the same time you are extending up, you are sliding the back hand down your back leg. Don’t push down on the leg, but let your hand gently rest on it. Use your abdomen muscles to hold your body in this pose.
Improves back flexibility and back pain, strengthens your legs, feet and abdomen muscles, opens the hips, stretches the arms, lengthens and stretches the torso and spine.

Pigeon is a yoga pose we all love to hate. Pigeon is about unlocking our deepest fears, traumas and anxieties, a pose that releases the pressures put on our lower two chakras (relationship, awareness). This post helps overcome urinary system disorders. Massage thyroid, parathyroid's glands, so helpful to overcome thyroid related problems. 

Bow Pose
Lie on your belly with your hands alongside your torso, palms up. Exhale and bend your knees, bringing your heels as close as you can to your buttocks. Reach back with your hands and take hold of your ankles (but not the tops of the feet). Make sure your knees aren’t wider than the width of your hips, and keep your knees hip width for the duration of the pose.Inhale and strongly lift your heels away from your buttocks and, at the same time, lift your thighs away from the floor.
Helps with anxiety, constipation, menstrual discomfort.

Balance Pose -Tree Pose

Tone your muscle increase coordinating skills. Improve your posture and benefits your mind and body.

Thank you for stopping by! Stay strong!
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