Fabulous Torture: A Few Tips On How To Study With Your Child

Monday, September 12, 2016

A Few Tips On How To Study With Your Child

When I talk about our bath study time to other moms, they like the idea, so I thought I would share it with you too. Today's post is another mommy post. Anayan has been back to school for a few weeks and his reading is finally progressing. He is one of those kids who doesn't like to read or be read to. He loves school and everything about it. His teacher this year and last are amazing, but he never cared for books until recently. 

Today I would like to share a few tips on how we study and make it interesting when it comes to reading and writing.

I understand that life can get to be a little hectic and sometimes hard to find the time for your child to read, write and learn new words. 

Our regimen is to read the book shortly after he returns from school. Anayan is always hungry after school, so while he eats I read the book he's supposed to read that day. I ask him questions and then have him tell me a summary of what I read. He then goes to play, or if he has practice or a game, we go to do that. 
Afterwards, I make him read the book. He has to read at least 4 sentences by himself. Believe me, at this age, it's enough. If he feels like reading more, he can, but I require a 4 sentences minimum. At this point he is ready for his test, but we still review it the next morning before school.

The most exciting study time for Anayan is while he takes a bath or shower. He takes a bath around 7pm. I have him write on the wall with bathtub markers. I say the words he is working on at school and he has to sound them out and write them. Of course I help, explain to him tricks and tips on how to remember. We do this over and over until he knows it! We do three to four words plus a few math problems.

The next morning, on the way to school I test him in the car..trying to make sure he's ready for his book test and knows how to spell the words. 

These are just our tips and ways on how to get study time done each day. This is how we do it and it works for us! I hope it will work for some of you too:)
Happy studying! 

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