Fabulous Torture: On The Beach & DressLyli Review

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

On The Beach & DressLyli Review

In this post, I am sharing a website review of an international shopping site DressLily and my haul from this site. DressLily offers the latest style of clothing and fashion for women, including lingerie, bags, shoes, jewelry and accessories.

I was little hesitant when I got an offer to collab with DressLily.com. Don't get me wrong, their pieces look fabulous, but I thought to myself, these prices are kind of to good to be true!
I've heard and read a few bad reviews, but let me tell you I'm very happy with my order! 

I chose this entire beach look including this super cool towel. I tried to be smart when I was ordering my items and wanted something what you can't really go wrong with in case you misread the sizing chart! 

DressLily is a China base company and from my previous experience I would always go one size up, but with this swimsuit there is no need. I ordered this swimsuit in a size small and it fits just perfect! I'm obsessed with it! The quality and stitching is just amazing, plus I've revived a lot of compliments on it. 

The towel comes in many colors, shapes and designs. This towel was on my wishlist, but I didn't want to pay around $100 for it on other websites, so when I saw this one just for $11 I had to have it! It was a hard decision for me to choose between this one and this one! This towel is the bomb!

The hat comes in gray and dark blue and would go great with any natural color fall pieces. I'm obsessed with the pom poms.

Shipping! Let me tell you, I received all this in just two days after placing the order. I was very surprised, but pleased! The company sent me an email saying the package will be delivered in about 10 days, but it took only 2 for me. 

Overall, I'm impressed with my order and would recommend every single piece from these three items. 
Check out the DressLily website, but read fearfully their sizing chart and even though you feel like the sizing is right I would still go one size up on the clothing! DressLily wants you to be satisfied, with that being said ...for them, shopping doesn't end with shipping, but ends when the customer (YOU) is satisfied!

SWIMSUIT - $14.37
TOWEL SCARF - $10.79
HAT - $6.55

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