Fabulous Torture: Fall Full Coverage Makeup Tutorial With Carli Bybel Palette & BH Cosmetics

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fall Full Coverage Makeup Tutorial With Carli Bybel Palette & BH Cosmetics

Hello my friends! I was hesitant to post this video because I don't feel comfortable without makeup...I just posted anyway!
Embrace your natural beauty but don't be afraid to embrace being a girl and playing with makeup!
I love full coverage makeup! This makeup look is so easy to do and its my go to makeup this fall! I hope you guys enjoy this video as this is my current foundation routine as well! 
All products used in this video are listed below!
Love you and thank you so much for watching!

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Products Used In This Makeup Tutorial:
Estes Lauder Day Wear Cream: goo.gl/nS4EFq
Beauty blender: goo.gl/BQH4XT
Estes Lauder Camouflage Makeup: 3w1 Tawny - goo.gl/Xq2YUZ
Double Wear Foundation: Cashew - goo.gl/9IGkzw
Mascara: goo.gl/tqGGFc
Powder Brush: (my is broken) goo.gl/qClwt3
Bronzer: Alluring Rose - goo.gl/OxAYMn
Carli Babel Palette: goo.gl/XUnKiy
Brow Pencil: Brunette - BH Cosmetics - goo.gl/DaAMSY
Revlon Eye Liner: goo.gl/EyFG2x
Lip Liner: goo.gl/kURDQs
Lipstick: Intense Nude - goo.gl/u4ns3n
BareMinerals Powder Foundation- TEAK22: goo.gl/apbSm9
Loreal Highlight: goo.gl/mxR7AU
Maybelline 25 Medium Concealer: goo.gl/OIKT5s
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