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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mom Life

Hello friends! I have to start with my "mom" life is just so loud and crazy! I literally feel like a super mom, and I know many of us feel the same. I hardly ever get to sit down in silence and do nothing, it's always something. Because my life is one big fun roller coaster, I try to organize some quality family time on weekends. Like I said, "I try", but it doesn't always work out.
These pictures are from last Sunday when we ended our fun day with a walk on the beach. If you follow my Snapchat (fabuloustorture), then you have seen our entire day. Anayan likes Mc Donald's a lot, and because I'm teaching him the importance of eating healthy we don't allow him to eat there much! On Sunday, he wanted to have lunch there and go bowling. Afterwards, we went for a walk on the beach and a nice dinner on the harbor at Boshamps. It was stimulating!
I love to share my family with you, and on weekends I usually Snap what we are doing along with other things. If you're interested in following our loud and crazy family, join my Snapchat family. My username is fabuloustorture just like on Instagram. 
Have a fabulous Friday everyone!

Anayan is laughing because he lost his shoe!

Outfit details:
Jacket-similar here and love this one here
Shoes,also love this one
Necklace- DIY video here

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