Fabulous Torture: Tobi Lace-Up Bodysuit

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Tobi Lace-Up Bodysuit

Bodysuits are somewhat nostalgic for me – I mean, I wore them as a child ALL the time! I have vivid memories of wearing bodysuit turtlenecks with my corduroy pants. Anyone? I love the fact that you didn’t really need to do any tucking, that it was already done for you! 
This TOBI Lace-Up Body Suit is the perfect item for fall and can be paired as many ways as your little heart desires. I mean a shirt that tucks in itself is always a winning situation. This bodysuit can easily be paired with a great pair of frayed jeans or tailored midi skirt.  
The look is so simple yet so many fun elements that capture some of falls best!
Tobi is a great online shop! I also got this Irene blouse and Strappy Tee which is my all time favorite!

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