Fabulous Torture: Hurricane Michael Donation & Fun Travel Bags and Cozy Dress

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Hurricane Michael Donation & Fun Travel Bags and Cozy Dress


Hello everyone! It's four days after Hurricane Michael's dismay on Panama City Beach, which is only an hour drive from Destin. It's crazy to even think what happened there and what could have happened to Destin. It's such a short distance, but luckily Destin has very minimal damages! Luckily we never lost power in our area. After seeing what PCB went through, my heart just stops for everyone involved! I'm keeping all the people and their families, who went through such a horrible experience, in my daily prayers! 
Below is a link where you can help and make a donation. Little is more then you think. Thank you so much! 
On the other note, this dress is perfect for fall and casual wear. I could travel or sleep in it how cozy it feels! I'm wearing size small, so it's true to size. It comes in five different colors burgundy, black, pink, green and blue. I love it so much, so I ordered it in green also. 

My bags are both fun with a lot of room storage. My purse is Lily Jade diaper bag.
Lily Jade bags don’t look like diaper bags. They look like gorgeous designer leather bags. The kind you would save up months for. The kind people constantly ask, “Where did you get that bag?” And then fellow mamas find out your bag is actually a diaper bag, and they’re demanding answers. I’ve been stopped countless times, just to get the details on my Lily Jade diaper bag. It is so pretty in person, and the fact that it is a fully functional diaper bag, makes it pretty unbelievable.
It really can hold it all and travel with me everywhere!!
The Lily Jade has an adjustable, detachable extra long strap for messenger carry or backpack carry. All of the straps are soft and wide, making it really comfortable, no matter how you carry it. Each bag has a pretty leather tassel with natural stone beads that really dresses it up.
It can be worn as a shoulder bag; probably one of the quickest ways to just grab your bag and go. It can be worn using the long strap as a crossbody or messanger bag and as a backpack = hands free with your babies! 

Thank you all for stopping by!

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