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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Best Dentist - Gentle Breeze Family Dentistry & Gucci Belt Bag Trend

CHanel Necklace, Chanel Pendant (great investment and great gift for someone special)

I would love to brag a little on my dentist, Dr. Orr at Gentle Breeze Family Dentistry, Santa Rosa Beach. In my opinion she is the best dentist in this area. My son has been going to her since he's was three years old. For him it is always something simple like regular check ups, x-ray, cleaning..etc. For us (my husband and I) is always something more complicated.
Growing up I had a very bad dentist. My entire mouth was full of black and silver fillings, yikes! I was constantly complaining about my teeth and the pain I had on and off. I was embarrassed to laugh because I knew people would noticed the black filings.
Dr. Orr fixed all my teeth! The entire process took a year. At this point, I feel like I live at her office, lol! 
I had 8 cavities (I think, maybe more) and she fixed them all. She replaced the nasty black and silver fillings with white ones, and puts me on the schedule for regular cleanings .. the list could go on! Dr. Orr pays attention to detail and takes her time with whatever she's working on, never rushes and is very personable. She would NOT allow me to be in any pain, not even the slightest. She always makes sure I'm comfortable while she is working on my mouth!

I had one tooth hurting for 7 years. I went to 3 different doctors in this area (one in FWB, two in Destin) with my tooth. The dentists either told me my gums are sensitive, or my tooth is cracked and it hurts when the air gets to it. They didn't recognized the cavity!!
After many visits to other dentists, Dr. Orr is the only dentist who new what to do with my messy teeth! I can't THANK her enough! She helped me regain my confidence and I'm no longer embarrassed to smile big! I'm so thankful for her and everyone in her office! 
Suzan (dental hygienist) is so sweet and talented and my son loves her. Andrea is Dr. Orr's assistant and together they're the best duo! Rachel and the girls in the front office are very sweet! Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable. Aww, I almost forgot to mention their miniature poodle, Shae 🐶. She is the sweetest dog ever, and I don't think I have ever heard her bark. 

This is not a sponsored post! This is written from the bottom of my heart! I know there is many people who need a great dentist, so I'm recommending Dr. Orr to all of you!!
Here is her phone number (850) 267-3313 if you want to schedule an appointment:)

Now on to my outfit, this top is an amazing layering piece, perfect for fall! It has the perfect lace detail on sleeves.
There is something groundbreaking about how fanny packs have gotten a serious makeover. Redubbed the belt bag, they're the new "it bag" of the season. Whether you love them or hate them, or somewhere in between, there's no denying they're making waves among fashion.

I hope you all have a fabulous week!  I'm going to be enjoying this cooler weather in Florida!

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