Fabulous Torture: Toucan Box (Art & Craft) for Children

Monday, April 1, 2019

Toucan Box (Art & Craft) for Children


First Box only $5 including shipping instead of RRP ($12.95+$1.95 shipping)

Anayan and I are constantly DIYing something! We love to spend quality time together! This is why I would like to introduce the ToucanBox. ToucanBox is an art & craft box! This box is a great way for your children to be creative and encourages them to think logically and practically, solve real-world problems and develop technical passions, building core skills for their future = STEAM! There are more than 200 different themes in the monthly subscription, which you can get, with this code {FABULOUSTORTURE} only for $5. @toucanbox allows to develop the creativity, concentration and reflection of the child. You can personalize the box to your child with their name on the box👍
 Each box has two designs in it! Everything is included to make the design. My son received the racing jellyfish design and a fun crafty nature bag💕All you have to do to start receiving this box monthly is to subscribe to ToucanBox and use {FABULOUSTORTURE} code to get the discounted price. The best part of it is, you can pause or cancel subscription at any time 😀👍I promise your children will love it!


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