Fabulous Torture: Pineapple T-shirt & Inspired Louis Vuitton Finds

Monday, March 25, 2019

Pineapple T-shirt & Inspired Louis Vuitton Finds

Bamboo Bag (another option only $39 here)/ Fruit T-shirt/ White Jeans/ Tory Burch Sandals/ Heart sunglasses/ LV Belt/ Lexi Bracelet/ Bow Charm Bracelet/ Heart Earrings - Porsamo Bleu

Today is last day of Spring break and this is the perfect spring outfit! For Anayan, Spring Break was two weeks instead of one, so it's kind of hard to get back into our everyday routine, getting up at 5am every morning starting tomorrow. We're going to finish up this break with a nice day at the beach. As always, you're welcome to follow our everyday life on my Instagram stories.(@fabulous_torture)
This was one of these tops I fell instantly in love with. I am a suck for anything with pineapples, watermelons, or any fruit on it! Its an instant selling point for me. It just feels and looks so summery and happy.


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