Fabulous Torture: HairConfirm & Home Drug Test for Parents

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

HairConfirm & Home Drug Test for Parents

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Today blog post is going to be far from fashion, but is something I would like to advocate for because it’s becoming a huge problem in our society and because I'm a parent myself! 
Drug dependency among teens!  
I’m partnering with HairConfirm to help you to catch the problem, on time, in case it’s happening to your family member, friend or someone you know. 
HairConfirm is also an out for your child who may be pressured to try drug from their peers! Teenage drug use statistics apply to youth aged between 12 and 18. The average initiation age of drug intoxication is 16, which falls somewhere in the middle of high school. What surprises me it’s the early age as 12 years old?!   

In my eyes 12 years old should be at home under parents eyes, but in reality many parents are busy with their life and doesn’t even cross their mind their children could be in trouble! So, what is this leading us to? PAY MORE ATTENTION TO YOUR CHILDREN! (parents, teachers, friends) 
Common drugs of abuse trickle into the school system because they are inexpensive and widespread:  
Marijuana may be the most prevalent high school drug! 
Teens with substance abuse problems eventually find themselves alone and unable to confide in someone they trust. In this case, it is in their best interest for guardians to arbitrarily conduct a hair follicle exam.  
When you are looking to find out the recent drug history of yourself or others, a hair follicle drug test is the perfect drug test for you. A hair drug test is a great alternative to urine drug tests. A hair follicle drug test is: 
A drug test with a 90 day drug history 
Hair Follicle Drug Test is an extremely accurate hair drug test that provides the buyer with a lab-produced online report of drug use dating back up to 90 days.  
The procedure is to collect 90-120 hairs from as close to the scalp as possible. Keep the root ends bunched together and place them in the Collection Foil. From the included Specimen ID Card, which has the unique ID number you will need to receive your results, peel off the Security Label and seal the Hair Specimen envelope. Place the envelope in the clear pouch and the pouch in the enclosed prepaid mailer to send the sample to the laboratory. 
The results of your HairConfirm Hair Drug Test will be ready within 7 to 10 days of the lab's receipt of the sample. When they are finished a comprehensive online report will be available online for a fee! 
This test is the only test that can tell you how often and how much drugs are used. 
Fortunately, statistics show that teen drug use is steadily declining, likely because of awareness of the harmful effects of drugs. Teenagers are more savvy and informed thanks to the internet. Once enough courage is summoned to quit drugs, teens immediately notice improved mental and emotional activity. The risk of teenage drug abuse is mitigated when positive relationships are nurtured! 

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