Sunday, September 15, 2013


Hello friends! Today I'm going to introduce a wonderful fellow blogger to you, Nora Armani from Nora's Sweet Fashion. She is a fabulous blogger with a unique taste for fashion and her blog became one of my daily reads. I'm guest posting on her blog at http://www.noradulce.blogspot.com. Please pop by and visit Nora's blog to see my post. I hope you like Nora.
Let me know which outfit you like the most?
Have a fabulous day! XO
Hello everyone! I'm glad to be doing this guest post at Andrea's blog! Thank you Andrea :) My name is Nora, I live in the US. I'm a college graduate. I studied Biochemistry and Psychology.
I love fashion and anything artistic. I started my blog in late June of this year, and I was blessed to have amazing friends and followers.
I love to share my ideas and passion for fashion with everyone to inspire and be inspired. I talk about different topics in my blog such as Affordable trendy looks, Beauty, DIYs, Accessories, Lifestyle, and I even compose short inspiring stories. In addition, I do have posts about my style, and how I style my clothes. I look forward to seeing you on my blog! Stay Beautiful and Have A Sweet Day! 

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