Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I posted a video review on two Sammydress products I received a couple of days ago. This video is my first video. I apologize for me being nervous in front of the camera, but I really wanted to do a video review, plus, getting out of my comfort zone is an adrenaline rush. I hope you guys like it and don't mind my Czech accent. The accent was the hardest part for me to decide if I wanted to do a video or not.

Anyways, Sammydress is a great Chinese based retail company with thousands of great, reasonable products. I received an awesome black tulle skirt and gorgeous head sculptured ring. Below the photos and video are links to these two products if you guys like it. Thank you Sammydress for the fabulous product! You can check out the Sammydress website and super deals here or by clicking on their banner below this post. Thank you for watching this video and following! You can subscribe to my You Tube channel here!

Outfit details: Skirt: SAMMYDRESS/ Ring: SAMMYDRESS

Refreshing Elastic Waist Puff Five layers Voile Multicolor Skirts For Women - $7.31

Retro Style Engraving Pattern Head Sculpture Finger Ring For Women - $2.38

 Thank you!
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