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Monday, June 8, 2015

Sofia My Love - Greece

Hello everyone! I'm finally getting another post up on my blog. I'm still in Greece. Yesterday was a fun day for Anayan. We went on a pirate ship named "Sofia My Love". I would highly recommend it if you're in Greece on Karpathos Island and would like to visit beautiful beaches, have fun and relax. Sofia My Love leaves at 9:30am and returns at 5pm everyday. You can buy your tickets for €25 per person right before you aboard the ship (children 5 and under are free). Tickets include three stops, Vasinic Paradice with lunch (pay extra for drinks), Apella Beach and Kyra Panagia.
If you buy your ticket from a travel agent it would be about €10 more per person and they will also charge you extra for the meal.
Anayan was treated like a real pirate on this ship. Greek people love kids and for sure show it! They kept showering him with pirate souvenirs, let him drive the ship and also took him on the highest, most exciting points on the ship (everyone knows us on the ship and island thanks to Anayan).
On the last stop all the workers changed into pirate costumes and took pictures with us.
The entire day was just sooo much fun and relaxing with lovely music. My favorite part was the first stop. Vasinic Pardice is just a beautiful rocky island with the clearest emerald green water. The pirates serve lunch (chicken, rice, salad and bread) up on the rocky mountain, so you have to climb there, but is worth the breathtaking view.
We're leaving in two days from here, back to Prague, where we'll stay for an another week, and then go back home to the U.S. I'll have many more pics and a vacation video when I return. 
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My mom with Anayan.

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