Fabulous Torture: See Summer Better With Warby Parker

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

See Summer Better With Warby Parker

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned that my eyesight is not great! Let's just say, if I am waiting for someone I know, I can only recognize them from their walk or the clothes they're wearing, so I'm pretty much blind! I don't like contact lenses, but love glasses. Glasses, to me, are like another piece of accessory, but they are not cheap! Warby Parker eyeglasses are stylish and won't leave your pocket dry. The lenses are impact-resistant, UV 400 and are protected with an anti-scratch coating. Warby Parker has a variety eyeglasses and sunglasses to choose from.
I take my glasses and sunglasses with me everywhere I go, especially in the summer. Warby Parker sunglasses help me to see summer better. I like visit a lot of different places, and without glasses I wouldn't be able to see or read. Especially when I travel, glasses help me to read signs, make my travel time faster and #seesummerbetter
I'm sharing a few images from a couple of different destinations below along with Warby Parker eye-wear.

Skydiving in San Diego. 
Disney cruise, Greece and a few items I always bring with me!

5 days, 5 pairs 100% free! !


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