Fabulous Torture: Lindi Skin

Friday, December 11, 2015

Lindi Skin

You know I'm all about trying new, but natural healthy and safe skin care products! The Lindi Skin is one of the safest, most gentle, clinically proven line of skincare. Lindi Skin is perfect for anyone with compromised skin. 
A long time ago, I talked about my palms cracking, especially during the cold or if I use any chemicals. Lindi Skin uses the most healing botanical and antioxidants to deliver ultra-hydration resulting in healthy and protected skin. The product is great for older skin, winter skin, general skin rashes, allergy prone skin, bad sun or wind burns, and other skin conditions.

The first Lindi Skin brand line was designed specifically for the unique needs of people undergoing cancer treatment.

I received a small tri-out pack with an assortment of their products [ Body Lotion, Body Wash, Soothing Balm, Face Moisturizer, Face Serum, Eye Hydrator, Face Wash] in it. Retails range $10-$40. They are all great, but of course I found Lindi's Face Serum to be very soothing for my skin. I also love the Soothing Balm - great for my cracked hands and feet! Great pack, I would recommend it to start with, it would be the Lindi Skin Fight Back Pack for $30. This pack has all their popular products in it, in smaller sizes and a $5 gift card. 
For all my readers the company has extended free shipping and 25% OFF all products with a code BLOG25 (lindiskin.com) through December 31, 2015.

Thank you all for stopping by! Love you! XO 

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