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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I've been a jewelry junkie since I was five years old. My mom always said I never had enough, and was always experimenting with the greatest jewelry and fashion products. Today,  I'm very excited to be teaming up with Anjolee to share with you incredible custom built jewelry based on taste and budget. 
Anjolee.com is the only jewelry website with unique customization and manufactures all of their jewelry so they can provide customers with great service and fast delivery. 
Currently, my favorite product from their website is this gorgeous eternity band with citrine stones ( custom made) I'm wearing in the picture below. Citrine radiates a joyful, sun-lit energy and is considered to attract wealth and abundance. 

This diamond eternity ring features round diamonds in the center and an additional row of diamonds on each side of the ring. The ring sparkles from every angle and can be worn by itself by making its own dramatic statement. Choose from various diamond qualities, carat sizes, and metal types to create your own ring.

For more stunning eternity bands go to this link http://www.anjolee.com/wedding-rings-and-anniversary-rings/diamond-eternity-rings .
Being the manufacturer enables the company to offer each jewelry item in a large range of sizes, karat, colors and metals thus creating many price points for each product. 
Anjolee's commitment to customer satisfaction includes the highest standard of quality for each of their product. While maintaining competitive prices,  the goal is to make your internet shopping experience surpass shopping in a store. All the jewelry on their site can be viewed in a 360 degree angle allowing you visualize its finest detail. 

Anjolee's jewelry is perfect for any occasion especially for weddings or anniversaries! 
Be sure to check out Anjolee.com and let me know which products are your favorite! 

*Thanks to Anjolee for sponsoring this post!  All opinions are honest, and my own!

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