Fabulous Torture: Sneakers Trend & Adidas

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Sneakers Trend & Adidas

It's interesting to see how sneakers have emerged as a key part of the fashion world and can now be seen as a part of many different looks. I think this is fantastic because I love sneakers and I think they can be the perfect finish and compliment to a street style ready-to-wear outfit. One reason I think sneakers have now become such a big part of the fashion world is that they are comfortable and practical, and yet can look clean and cool, and can really compliment/enhance a look. 
My advice to you guys is if you haven't styled sneakers with various looks yet, then you need to do so! Get out of your comfort zone and bust out those sneakers! If you follow along on Instagram then you'll  see me more often in sneakers :) If it's a look that you haven't sneakers with yet, then try it! You never know what you might like them with. 
I'll link a few of my favorites sneakers in the widget below:)

Outfit details:
Adidas Superstar Tennis Shoes
Adidas Hoodie Jacket
White Jeans
Calvin Klein Sunglasses 
Toni Top 
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