Fabulous Torture: KAMIK Boots - Perfect Winter Shoes

Sunday, December 17, 2017

KAMIK Boots - Perfect Winter Shoes

 I'm planning what to pack for our upcoming trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee in January. Living in Florida means not owning too many winter pieces! 

First thing that comes to my mind were winter boots.I knew, I wanted something that was insulated and lined but were also comfortable to run around in. Kamik boots are exactly what I'm looking for! Anayan and I own a pair of Kamik rainy boots and love them so much, so I thought why not to go with them again? 

Kamik boots are made from great, cozy and waterproof material. I love the fact that there is an antibacterial removable footbed. When the shoe begins to smell a bit, you can simply remove the central piece and clean it! BOOM. Problem solved, ha ha😀
My entire family got a pair of Kamik boots! We all love them so much! No need to break them in & they fit like a glove! I really love mine with the "DUCK" foot! We wore them a few times on cold days in Florida and got so many compliments and questions on them. Kamik carriers meant different varieties of shoes for adults and little ones. 
Check them out here. All the shoes we have ordered from them in the past are true to size, great build and very comfy!

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My Kamik Boots
My Husband Boots
My Son's Boots

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