Fabulous Torture: Trendy Turtleneck & Paper Shorts

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Trendy Turtleneck & Paper Shorts

Paper shorts during fall and winter look totally seasonally appropriate, so definitely don’t pack yours away after Labor Day because you’ll be missing out! 
Turtlenecks are making a comeback! I’ve always loved wearing them, but recently I’ve seen so many brands coming out with different versions of the classic turtleneck. Making it super fun and easy to mix and match them. Lately I’ve been matching my turtlenecks and my chunky sweaters with shorts and OTK boots. I wore this cashmere chunky turtleneck last fall and winter and this year is restocked and currently on SALE, in red color.

Chunky turtlenecks are obviously really great for cold weather, but when you’re traveling to extremely freezing places these chunky ones keep you from freezing your butt off! Here, below are some of my favorite chunky turtlenecks to keep you warm. (click the images below to shop or to see the item details).

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