Fabulous Torture: The Perfect Jumpsuit For Fall & Scrabbles Birthday

Friday, October 5, 2018

The Perfect Jumpsuit For Fall & Scrabbles Birthday

Can you all believe Scrabbles is already 1 year old. Monday was his first birthday. You could watch it on my Instagram stories@fabuloustorture Anayan got him a cute bone shaped cake and a full bag of toys and treats from a store call Doggie Bag in Destin. Seriously, the store is the cutest dog store I’ve ever seen!
On another note, this denim jumpsuit from a new online boutique Deux Reines is perfect for fall! Very comfortable and different from all the other jumpsuits I’ve seen out there so far! This jumpsuit looks like denim, but is actually a very soft, breeze cotton fabric supported by an elastic strap and cinched at the waist with an elastic band for comfy fit. It’s true to size and perfect to dress it up or down. Perfect for a mom or a busy business woman!
There are so many reasons to have a jumpsuit in your closet. One of the best reasons is how easy it is to get ready when wearing one! There is no need to think about what top to wear with what pants, as the jumpsuit is just one piece!
It can be hard to find the perfect jumpsuit, so I wanted to feature a few of my favorites today.(scroll to the bottom of this post)


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