Fabulous Torture: Is SANTA real or is it just a Costume he Wears? How to handle the Santa talk with your kids?

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Is SANTA real or is it just a Costume he Wears? How to handle the Santa talk with your kids?

Christmas is right around the corner. I’m a mom with an 8 year old boy. At this age some kids still believe in Santa and some no more. For the ones who still believe, usually another kid at school breaks the news! Anayan still believes and I want to keep the magical spirit alive as long as I can! So today, I would like to share with you how I answered the shocking question Anayan asked me out of the blue, “ Is Santa real or is it just a costume he wears?”
 It was a day just like any other! Anayan comes home from school, I made him some food and as he was eating he pops the question! “Mom, is Santa real?
At that moment I had no idea how to answer! I started to sweat as I was searching for a mild believable explanation not to hurt his feelings!

"Pft of course he is! We see him at the mall every year, remember? With all of his little holiday helpers? He brings you hundreds of presents under the Christmas tree. Why do you ask?"
Anayan replied, “ My friends at school are saying it’s just a costume and parents give us all the presents.”I asked him what he told them and he said all the other stuff I said earlier. Some kid told him she stayed awake all night to spy on Santa and saw her parents put all the gifts under the tree.

It literally just broke my heart for him! 
We had a long conversation, I reminded him of all the fun places we saw Santa and things we did with him. I told him that parents give only a few gifts and Santa brings the rest, but only if he believes! If he believes, then he will always have more presents then others who don’t believe.
Ended the conversation by saying that it’s a choice we make!  Even if a real live Santa Claus didn’t exist, his spirit stands for so much more. Santa represents many things to many people: family, giving, love, etc. The idea of Santa doesn't need to disappear with the myth. After all, he is a symbol of giving and joy for the entire season.

Anayan said, “I’m choosing to believe because I want more presents!” He also said he knows mom and dad couldn’t always give him sooo many presents, so he knows he's real because he has a full living room each year, and his friends can say whatever they want!

I’m not an expert! I’m just sharing my story with you in case you run into the same question and don’t know how to answer. Each family makes there own choices, but this is the choice I made that day. I know Anayan is growing and he will find out the truth soon, but I tried to keep the “real” spirit alive at least this year and maybe one more yer after! My kid is not the one (at least this year) getting his heart broken!

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