Fabulous Torture: My Instagram was Hacked! Starting from a Scratch!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

My Instagram was Hacked! Starting from a Scratch!


As many of you already know I was HACKED on Instagram, again! Yes, that’s right AGAIN! 
The first time it happened was last year around the same time, Christmas time. Instagram was able to bring it back up in five days. This time is different!
Today is day 7 since I was hacked and so far I haven’t heard back from Instagram or anyone else who gave me hopes to fix it! 

On Wednesday at midnight I woke up because I was thirsty. As I’m walking to the kitchen I checked my mailbox and one message caught my eye!

“I hacked your Instagram, if you want it back you have three hours to pay $350!”
You can imagine what happened after! I was panicking! I started checking my Instagram and there was NOTHING! I checked my emails and I had a message from Instagram saying I changed my password (I didn’t, the hacker did). The hacker reset my password, so when I tried to reverse everything it went straight into HIS MAILBOX and not mine 😢 I couldn’t do anything! 
One hour later I got another message from him saying. “If you don’t pay, I’ll start deleting pictures one by one until nothing is left!”
At this point, I was outraged, and worried that all my pictures with my son will be gone! 
I didn’t know what to do! All my HARD work was gone! EVERY BLOGGER'S NIGHTMARE! I've worked on my Instagram for over 4 years, and believe me it’s not easy with today’s algorithm to get to 30k followers! I was finally doing Instagram more than blogging because I was so busy with paid collaborations, and at this point Instagram was my second job. 
Not just that! It all started as a passion for fashion and still continues to be my first and only HOBBY! That is why I never gave up and started a new Instagram @fabulous_torture on Friday night. Please come over to support me and help me to build from scratch! Thanks to Instagram I was able to stay home with my son whenever he needed me and work as a nurse only part time. Please stop by here: MY NEW INSTAGRAM @fabulous_torture 👉 and give me some love😘

I emailed the hacker back and forth and said "How do I know you’ll give me my Instagram back if I pay you?" His answer was, "I just have to trust him and his only interest is money!" Anyway, to make a long story a little shorter, I was up all night that night trying to figure things out & NEVER did! The next morning I went to work (pediatric nurse) like a zombie. 
This Hacker asked for money via Bitcon. I don’t know how to use it, but I actually tried to download it and was considering sending a payment. THAT'S HOW DESPERATE I WAS! I found out his name by asking if he wants money it will have to be through PayPal or something like that. He then shared his info with me, which can be fake too, but I want to share it with you all in case this ever happens to you! He is from Ukraine, his name is Anatolii Hanin and this was the email he wrote me from socinquiries@tutanova.com XXX NEVER ANSWER!

If you ever receive a message like that, DON’T even bother writing back or wasting your time with them, like I did. They will never give you anything back! They will only take your money!  

Alison Barker from All Thing Alison was hacked by the EXACT same hacker a few years back and now she’s on a hunt for any mean hacker out there! Read her post HERE! She’s helping me throughout the process and gave me an email of the guy who helped her to get her Instagram back. In my case, after I sent him all my info, he never wrote me back! I assume my Instagram is just completely gone and no one CAN’T fix it!!! All the pictures with my son, growing up is what’s hurts the most! 

I learned my lesson this time to change my password often! Probably several times during the year! I hope it will help, and I’m praying to Jesus I won’t get hacked again and hopefully there are good people who can help me to rebuild! You can share this post anywhere on social media TO HELP!
Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!


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