Fabulous Torture: Unique Style & Flared Leather Pants

Monday, January 14, 2019

Unique Style & Flared Leather Pants

CHANEL Necklace/ Leather Pants/ Zoe Fedora/ Yellow Sweater (comes in green and orange)/ GUCCI Belt/ Leopard Boots or HERE/ GUCCI Bag HERE or HERE/ PersamoBleu Watch/ Lexi Bracelet

It’s not often that we spot the flared style. It’s such a refreshing change with the leopard style boots and western fedora. It really suits the cut of the leather pants in my opinion, the two complement each other nicely, and even the yellow roll neck sweater, with its slight asymmetric design, cut-out shoulder really represents the 90’s in a way’s making me nostalgic. Even though this is slightly retro and gives me a girl band vibe, it’s still really modern at the same time. 
Revolve do a wonderful job of making their leather pants really current and trendy, as well as iconic, but they emulate everything I love about the past, so you can’t get better than that!
If you’re looking for a statement, high quality leather pant, these might be the option for you, especially now that it’s winter time and perfect leather pant wearing weather. I have found these flared versions available at Revolve (click here), otherwise you could check out the link below for similar styles.


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