Fabulous Torture: A True Mama's Boy & Trouble with School

Sunday, February 24, 2019

A True Mama's Boy & Trouble with School

Anayan's JEANS here

I don’t know where to start, because if I tell you every little detail, it will be like writing a book. We have been very fortunate with great teachers at Destin Elementary School throughout the years, but this year! We requested Amy West to be my son’s 3rd grade teacher, but unfortunately she took a different position and we got someone else who took her spot this year. 
I’m not going to share all the names of the people in this post.

My son started 3rd grade. Two weeks pass by and I started to have questions about his teacher. I rarely saw anything from her educationally except maybe an email about a fund raiser or event. I never knew what’s happening in the classroom, never seen any test grades, reviews...etc. To make a looong story short. Of course I spoke with the teacher and from that moment I was at school or in the principal's office at least once a week. At first, I thought she is new and not experience with 3rd graders, or just may not know how to deal with children like my son. 
My son has ADHD (without diagnosis because I don’t want him on medication), but very sweet, makes friends easily, NOT a trouble maker like some ADHD kids can be. He just needs to be taught and constantly reminded to slow down. He needs his work to be sometimes divided into pieces so way he doesn’t feel overwhelmed. He needs, and I wish the teacher knew, getting his full attention, even by just saying his name, before she starts giving his instructions makes a huge difference between him hearing all or part of what she says.

Back to the teacher. I was going to change teachers in October, but the principal said, ”She’s very knowledgeable, let’s talk to her and I’m sure things will get better!” I SHOULD NOT HAVE LISTENED TO HIM THAT DAY, but I did! I gave her a chance.
At first, she started a weekly REMINDER and told me I was the inspiration for her to do that. GREAT! I was very happy with that, but shouldn’t every teacher have something like that from the very beginning? Every parent needs to know and has the right to know what is being taught in the classroom! We study hard, some days 4 hours in the afternoon (that’s a lot) and he still wasn’t bringing good grades home.
Things continued to get worse! I never new what to study exactly! 

With the new teachers Anayan brings home homework on Monday focusing on the content being tested on Friday! Perfect! We know what to study and what they are doing at school that week. 

The old teacher would only send spelling words to study which is worth only 15% of his grade. I was only familiar with the 15% study material, VERY RARELY WITH THE 55% or 30%. So, If your child is passing 15% weighted tests with A’s and B’s, but not passing 55% weighted test he or she is still failing. So, our long studying hours were just a waist of time!!! Anayan hardly ever brought stuff home in his folder (I had to ask) and I never seen his 55% tests scores until 3 weeks later (hard to catch up if you don’t know what the test is on and his grades). It took the teacher for ever to record the grades online too! 
I was working on getting the IEP (Individual Education Plan) from the very beginning and finally got it approved on January 9th. 
Again, I was 100% positive he will do much better. IEP helps the student to succeed, but with this particular teacher he got two of his lowest grades ever (never in 4years of schooling he got such a low score)! I was mad at this point and wanted to change the teacher affective immediately!!

Anayan has been with Mrs. Henry and Mrs. Taff now for three weeks. After just two days, I’ve noticed pleasant things. On his third day I meet with them and I’ve noticed they’re very organized and ready to teach third grade.
Anayan took his first 55% test with this teacher and we study for it exactly the same way we studied for the others, and he got a 79% on it. Amazing! I was so happy! I will guarantee he will always have a passing score on his vocabulary test (55% score). 
So far he took 2 vocabulary tests, 2 math tests, 2 spelling tests and other small quizzes and pass them all with A, B and one C!

To Anayan’s old teacher, I wish you would've be more open to offering him different ways to show you that he knows the material. I also feel like you need more education in the ADHD field and how to apply the IEP plan when a child is on it! I also feel like some teachers teach for the paycheck and not to help our kids succeed! Simple listening and encouragement with love could be sometimes enough! 

If someone is thinking I’m putting her through hell, what about my son and I? She puts us through sooo much stress and I’m glad I put an END to it!

To Anayan’s new teachers. I wish you knew how grateful I am that you teach my son. Your job is not an easy one, nor is it for the weak of heart. If anyone understands how hard it is, I do. Your compassion and understanding toward my child will be something I will never forget. Neither will my son!

I’m not a doctor, psychologist...etc. I’m a loving MOM who shares her struggles with you all. There is way more behind this. I tried to make it short and sweet, but if I can encourage one mom out there to stand up for their kids when they feel like no one else cares, then I’m happy!

A good teacher is very important as our kids spend 6 hours a day at school. Teachers are the faces of our schools, role models, and a memory each child carries! So, make sure your child has a good teacher!


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