Fabulous Torture: Armoire - Rent Clothes fot any Occasion

Friday, May 3, 2019

Armoire - Rent Clothes fot any Occasion

TOP: Armoire/ Straw Bag: Amazon/ Jeans: Liverpool Jeans/ Shorts/ Shoes: Amazon/ Sandals: Tory Burch/ Hat: Free People, also HERE/ Bracelet: The Styled Collection/ Gold Watch: PorsamoBleu, available on Amazon (affordable)/ White Watch: Daniel Wellington/ Gucci Belt (here is a link for a Gucci inspired belt $23)LV Belt/ Chanel Necklace (perfect Mother's Day Gift)

Do you have a hard time finding an outfit that’s comfortably casual yet totally stylish? 

I see myself feeling comfortable–yet fashionable–in basics that are wearable, live-in-able, and both trendy and timeless. I also love to feel like a million $$$ queen!! The love affair with Armoire began a few months ago after renting the first round of clothing from them! Armoire enables you to rent unlimited pieces of clothing. Return label is included and package is delivered to your door just in three days! You can keep up to 16 pieces in one month just for $49 a month with coupon JUEOAN316

You can pause or cancel at any time! 

So, how it works?
Tell them what you like just in 3 min. quiz!
Browse your personalized virtual closet and select items you’d like delivered to you now. Armoire offer high-end styles in sizes 0-16W to satisfy every occasion your demanding life requires. Looking for something special? You can always see more options by refreshing your closet or asking a stylist for recommendations.
Wear items as often as you’d like, and exchange when you’re ready for something new using your pre-paid return bag.
That’s the magic of an endless at-home fitting room.
I love Armoire for any day, but the most fun I have with it around special occasions like vacation, wedding parties, baby shower, important work dining event...etc!

Just try one month using your $100 off coupon code JUEOAN31

 I think you will love it!

P.S. Members can shop any item with a huge discount:)

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